Being a farmer is not a profession, being a farmer is a vocation. Being a farmer means loving the land, even when it does not give you a rich harvest. Being a farmer means being in the field in the cold, in the heat, on holidays and on weekdays. Being a farmer means being willing to take on a huge responsibility, because people are less likely to need doctors, lawyers or police officers in their lives, but they need farmers three times a day.

We at Smart Agro believe that farmers are the superheroes of our time. And probably the superheroes of the future. And who wouldn’t want to be part of the superhero team, even in the role of an assistant?

We certainly want to! That is why we have taken on the task of researching, selecting and supplying high quality fertilizers from world manufacturers at reasonable prices. Our range is dominated by super-innovative technologies, products and complete solutions for feeding crops, which ensure the achievement of optimal yields of excellent quality with less effort and resources. This is what we call being a super-assistant!

We are Smart Agro – the official supplier of superpowers for modern farmers!