Foliar feeding is an excellent solution when the root system of the plants is not functioning optimally or when the absorption through the soil is not working. This form of nutrition is ideal when root uptake is impaired by factors such as too low or high soil temperatures, high soil pH, strong competition from weeds or nematode infestation. Foliar fertilizers can also be used as a perfect preventive measure to avoid and reduce stressful situations.

M-77 is an exclusive mixture of compounds that have a specific purpose. This package includes ingredients that improve the delivery of the spray solution, its rapid absorption, as well as the effectiveness of the included nutrients on the target organs and plant tissues. An additional innovative, patented plant booster takes plant nutrition one step further. The result of all these ingredients is healthier and more productive crops.

The formula M-77 contains:

  • Compounds that enhance the effectiveness of chelates supplied by foliar spraying;
  • Vitamins that improve the metabolic activity of tissues that absorb leaf spray;
  • Functional elements that improve the absorption of nutrients;
  • Compounds that reduce stress and increase the resistance of plants to abiotic stress, thus preserving their potential for productivity.