Granular fertilizers

Modern agriculture is increasingly dynamic and requires solutions that meet the nutritional needs of crops and protect the environment. The series of high-quality granular fertilizers from the world-renowned manufacturers ICL and Fertiberia help farmers to meet these challenges.

Water Soluble Fertilizers

Water-soluble fertilizers are loose fine crystalline powders that dissolve rapidly in water without residue. The product of Smart Agro Bulgaria leaves contains a full range of water-soluble food formulations – direct fertilizers, NPK fertilizers and chelated trace elements, which offer effective solutions in fertigation.

Течни торове

Liquid fertilizers

The liquid fertilizers of ICAR are unique, because in the development of their formulas and composition the peculiarities of the climate, the soil and the cultures in the territories where they are used are taken into account. Strict quality control and modern production lines guarantee the quality of manufactured products.

Органични торове

Fertilizers for organic farming

People are becoming more and more demanding of the quality and purity of the food they consume. We believe in sustainable and economical agriculture and we have selected a full range of products for organic farming. It includes both soil and foliar fertilizers, as well as specialized bioactivators, inducers of resistance and soil improvers.