Water-soluble fertilizers are loose fine crystalline powders that dissolve rapidly in water without residue.

The product list of Smart Agro Bulgaria contains a full range of water-soluble food formulations – direct fertilizers, NPK fertilizers and chelated trace elements, which offer effective solutions in fertigation. All products can be applied by various fertilization methods: drip irrigation, spray application or foliar application.

The combined NPK fertilizers are further enriched with six trace elements, of which iron, zinc, copper and manganese are in chelated form.

The series of microelements are high-quality chelates, ideal for foliar application, seed treatment, fertigation and hydroponics. Chelated micronutrients are supplied to plants to prevent or treat the symptoms of deficiency.

The fertilizers offered by Smart Agro Bulgaria do not contain chlorides, sodium and heavy metals. All fertilizers are developed with special care and attention to achieve good quality. Each bag contains the best available raw materials on the European market. In terms of purity, applicability and efficiency, it stands out significantly from the other water-soluble fertilizers available on the market.


The special fertilizers from the Nova series are of unsurpassed quality and high solubility. They are selected and produced for professional use through fertigation and foliar application.


Solinure GT

The products from the Solinure GT series are available in various formulations and are ideal for use in greenhouse or tunnel cultivation. They are made from pure raw materials that provide complete nutrition to the plant.


Agrolution pHLow

Agrolution pHLow is ideal for growers who have to deal with the high pH (high alkalinity) of their irrigation or soil water. The acidic nature of Agrolution pHLow means that all nutrients dissolve more efficiently, even in hard water.


Agrolution Special

Agrolution Special improves the availability of nutrients through its formulations that prevent magnesium and calcium deficiency. The fertilizers from the Agrolution Special series are made of pure ingredients and the microelements contained in them are in chelated form. Agrolution Special prevents the formation of deposits and blockages in your irrigation system, thanks to its high purity and solubility.


Solar Uralchem

Solar Uralchem is a series of water-soluble fertilizers specially designed for growing by hydroponics, drip irrigation and foliar application.


Fertiberia Aqua

The water-soluble fertilizers from the Aqua series of Fertiberia Group are intended for foliar application, irrigation or hydroponics. Part of this series are the fertilizers from the Fertibersol product line – soluble solid elements with high purity.