The water-soluble fertilizers from the Aqua series of Fertiberia Group are intended for foliar application, irrigation or hydroponics. Part of this series are the fertilizers from the Fertibersol product line – soluble solid elements with high purity.

Urea 46

Fertibersol Ural is a mini-granular product, which makes it very easy to use. Fertibersol Ural has a 25% lower biuret content compared to traditional urea fertilizers, which allows the product to be used on various leaf masses with a larger dosing range that meets the safety requirements for most crops.

Ammonium nitrate 34.5

Ammonium nitrate 34.5 contains 50% nitrogen in nitrate form, which is absorbed immediately by plants, and 50% in ammonium form, which lasts longer in the soil solution. For this reason, nitrogen is distributed homogeneously in the soil zone around the root.

Ammonium sulphate 21

Fully soluble crystalline fertilizer, which contains nitrogen in ammonia form and a large amount of sulfur, available for absorption by plants.

Calcium nitrate 15.5

Calcium nitrate 15.5 (27) is a complex salt of calcium and ammonium nitrate, which contains 14.5% nitrogen in nitrate form – for immediate absorption by the plant, and a small percentage in ammonium form, supplemented with 27% fully digestible calcium oxide.