The special fertilizers from the Nova series are of unsurpassed quality and high solubility. They are selected and produced for professional use through fertigation and foliar application.

Nova fertilizers can be mixed with other direct or complex water-soluble fertilizers such as Agrolution pHLow, Agrolution Special, Solinure GT, Solinure FX. Clean fertilizers without harmful impurities are needed for the safe cultivation of vegetables and other crops.

Some specific growing conditions require specific feeding recommendations, which can be easily fulfilled with the help of direct fertilizers from the Nova series.

Advantages of the products from the Nova ICL series:

  • A rich portfolio of complementary fertilizers.
  • Highly concentrated soluble fertilizers.
  • High purity
  • Low salt index
  • Constant quality


Nova PeaK 0-52-34 – monopotassium phosphate, is manufactured by ICL – the largest manufacturer of MKP worldwide. Manufactured using exclusive patented technology that guarantees maximum quality, Nova PeaK is a product of high purity, fast and completely soluble in water.

It is the most concentrated direct fertilizer containing phosphorus. With its low salt content index, Nova PeaK is recommended for use in all crops and fertilization systems: drip irrigation, hydroponics, sprayers, pivot systems or foliar spraying.


Nova MAP 12-61-0 – monoammonium phosphate, is ideal for use in the initial phase of growth of all crops, immediately before or immediately after sowing and planting.

Nova MAP is a crystalline powder fertilizer that does not contain chlorides and sodium. Increases the amount of phosphorus in the soil, especially in carbonate soils. Nova MAP is suitable for growing by fertigation of most crops, in all phases of their growth.


Nova PeKacid 0-60-20 is a water-soluble PK fertilizer manufactured by ICL SF. Nova PeKacid is suitable for both outdoor and soilless cultivation. The product can be used successfully with hard water.

Nova PeKacid is a crystalline phosphorus fertilizer that combines the advantages and effectiveness of phosphoric acid with the ease of use of crystalline fertilizers. This white manure does not contain sodium or chlorides and is completely soluble in water at a dose of 670 g / liter (at 20 °C).


Nova N-K 13,5-0-46 is a fertilizer with potassium nitrate from the series of special fertilizers of ICL Specialty Fertilizers. The product is a highly efficient source of nitrogen and potassium and dissolves rapidly in water.

The content of N and K in the formulation of Nova N-K is extremely suitable for crops with high nutritional needs of potassium. Nova N-K contains nitrogen in nitrate form, which is easily absorbed by plants. Due to the synergistic effect between NO3 and K 2O, plants can easily absorb both elements.


Nova Calcium 15,5-0-0 + 26,5CaO is a calcium nitrate fertilizer from ICL Specialty Fertilizers. This is the most indispensable fertilizer in hydroponics because it is applied continuously throughout the crop growth cycle. Nova Calcium helps maintain an optimal level of calcium in the plant and prevents or corrects possible deficiencies.

Nova Calcium dissolves quickly and easily in water. The product contains mainly nitrate nitrogen, which is absorbed immediately by plants. Calcium is important for improving the quality and shelf life of the final product. Nova Calcium is recommended for all crops and all irrigation systems.


Nova SOP 0-0-50 + 43SO3 is potassium sulfate from the series of special fertilizers of ICL. The product is recommended for use with any fertigation system.

Nova SOP is the ideal fertilizer for crops with high needs for potassium and sulfur. The high levels of these nutrients in the fertilizer meet the needs of the plant and prevent possible deficiencies. Nova SOP does not contain nitrogen, which makes this product suitable for use when the amount of nitrogen needs to be reduced (eg in the fruit ripening phase). The low salt content makes Nova SOP suitable for different types of soils.


Nova Mag-S 0-0-0 + 9.6Mg + 12.8S is a magnesium sulfate fertilizer that contains completely water-soluble and pure (without impurities) nutrients that dissolve quickly in water.

Nova Mag-S is a high quality fertigation product that meets the needs of the plant with its nutrients. It contains important nutrients for crop growth: magnesium plays a key role in photosynthesis, and sulfur is an essential element in the synthesis of amino acids.


Nova Mag-N 11-0-0 + 15.4MgO is a completely water-soluble magnesium-nitrate fertilizer, which contains pure nutrients that dissolve very quickly in water.

It contains important nutrients for crop growth: nitrate nitrogen, which is available for immediate absorption, and magnesium, which is important for photosynthesis.


Nova Ferti-K 0-0-61 is the ideal product for chloride tolerant crops. This fertilizer has both the highest potassium content and the cheapest.
Nova Ferti-K is a potassium fertilizer that does not contain nitrogen.

Potassium is a nutrient that needs to be stored in many vegetables and fruits. It improves the color of the final product, sweetness and oil content.