Agromaster Start Mini


Type: Granular fertilizer

Bag: 25 kg

Agromaster Start Mini is composed of standard mini-granules, coated with a special polymer coating that protects nutrients – nitrogen or nitrogen and phosphorus. Thus, the fertilizer provides long-lasting and effective plant nutrition.

Agromaster Start Mini improves the efficiency of nutrient absorption in general and increases the availability of phosphorus and its absorption by young root systems. Apply Agromaster Start Mini during sowing in the furrows next to the seeds.

Thanks to the large number of mini-granules in the fertilizer (650 thousand / decare), which are imported 3-5 cm from the seeds, Agromaster Start Mini is a reliable source of nutrients, which provides an excellent initial start and faster growth of crops.

  • Controlled release of nitrogen and phosphorus for long-term nutrition
  • Stronger and healthier root system that absorbs nutrients more efficiently
  • Faster seed germination and prevention of stress
  • Ultra-localized source of nutrients, safe for the young root system
  • Less nutrients for weed development


Nitrogen Total (N)


Diphosphorus pentoxide (P2O5)


Potassium oxide (К2O)