Type: Granular fertilizer

Bag: 30 kg

Big bag: 600 kg

Amicote Corbigran is a corrective calcium-magnesium carbonate fertilizer, enriched with nitrogen and produced with C-VIDA technology. It is used to correct soil acidity, maintain the amount of calcium ions, as well as to correct calcium and magnesium deficiency.

The agronomic benefits are expressed in the strengthening of the enzyme activity, the dissolution of the organic nutrients and the stimulation of the action of the microbes in the soil. Helps dissolve mineral phosphorus and has a phytohormonal and biostimulating effect on plants. The product supports the resistance to water stress. Accelerates root growth and vegetative development of crops. Helps to more efficiently absorb nutrients from the soil and fertilizer.

The advantages of Cobrigan are proven to be higher nutritional value and the fact that it is enriched with nitrogen. It is available in the form of easy-to-use granules – they are evenly distributed even with an ordinary fertilizer. The product is not sprayed and can be applied even on windy days.

  • Stimulation of soil microbial life;
  • Enhancement of enzyme activity and dissolution of organic nutrients;
  • Dissolution of mineral phosphorus;
  • Phytohormonal and biostimulating action in plants;
  • Resistance to hydraulic stress;
  • Better root and vegetative development of crops;
  • Massive use of soil nutrients and plant fertilizers.


Nitrogen Total (N)


Calcium carbonate (CaCO3)


Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3)


Neutralizing value (CaO)