Nergetic is an exclusive series of fertilizers produced with C-Pro and Zimactiv technologies, which protect the fertilizer from nutrient losses by further stimulating the enzymatic activity in the soil.


Nergetic 30 Zimactiv is a nitrogen fertilizer that, thanks to C-Pro and Zimactiv technologies, regulates the conversion of amide nitrogen to ammonium, reducing evaporation losses by more than 50% compared to ordinary urea. The prolonged release of nutrients as a result of the action of C-Pro technology and the beneficial effect of nitrogen and sulfur application make Nergetic 30 Zimactiv the most suitable nitrogen fertilizer for nutrient fertilization.


Dynamic S + is a granular nitrogen fertilizer containing sulfur, calcium and boron, protected by C-Pro technology. Dynamic S + is suitable for feeding all types of crops, especially in conditions of sulfur and calcium deficiency in acidic soils. It contains 50% nitrogen in nitrate form – for immediate absorption and 50% ammonium nitrogen – for slower absorption by plants.


Dynamic M + is a granular nitrogen fertilizer containing magnesium, calcium and boron, protected by C-Pro technology.


Nergetic P24 Zimactiv is a granular phosphorus fertilizer enriched with sulfur, calcium and trace elements, protected by C-Pro and Zimactiv technologies. Thanks to the well-chosen combination and guaranteed high solubility in neutral ammonium citrate and water, Nergetic P24 Zimactiv has an immediate effect even in the most unfavorable soil and climatic conditions – such as phosphorus blocking and low temperatures.


Nergetic NP 40 Zimactiv is a granular NP fertilizer enriched with sulfur, calcium, zinc and boron and protected with C-Ppo and Zimactiv technologies. It is used for pre-sowing and sowing fertilization, giving the crops all the necessary nutrients to start their development.