Agriges Bioactivators product line contains a wide range of products that are produced from selected raw materials of natural origin. These products are designed to ensure high quality and quantity of final yields in full compliance with environmental regulations.

Agriges bioactivators stimulate the processes of growth and development in a natural way and improve the absorption of nutrients and their effectiveness. This is done by creating a synergy between the natural processes in the plant and the exclusive technologies of Agriges, which are designed to maximize the effect of the formulations in strict compliance with the rules of sustainable agriculture.

Lieta-Veg is a new generation bioactivator of all plant origin that improves and restores soil fertility in the long run. This is extremely important for the proper development of plants in each phase of the growing season.

Lieta-Veg contains 100% plant raw materials – plant extracts, yeast and algae extracts. These plant ingredients are activated by the BPC technology of Agriges – a microbiological complex that contains growth-promoting bacteria of the species Bacillus spp.

Biomyn KM stimulates the vital activity of the plant, especially while recovering from stress (frost, high and low temperatures, etc.), and prevents the loss of flowers and fruits.

The glycine betaines and oligosaccharides contained in Biomyn KM promote the synthesis of antimicrobial and antioxidant substances that prevent some of the most common physiological disorders in plants.

Maral S LQ stimulates growth thanks to the exclusive RyZea technology. It contains a high percentage of natural ingredients with bioactive and antioxidant action. Maral S LQ releases the energy that the plant has accumulated in its energy depots and directs it to the reproductive organs and thus contributes to more abundant and even flowering and yield.

Maral S LQ stimulates cell division and tissue development, and accelerates the movement of photosynthetic products to the fetus. As a result – the fruit grows in weight and size and improves its quality.

Maral Zn / Mn is a highly efficient and reliable bioactivator containing zinc and manganese, produced by the exclusive technology of Agriges – RyZea.

Thanks to the RyZea Maral Zn / Mn technology it performs many functions and manages to guarantee the vitality and productivity of the plants in each vegetative phase.

Post-R is an innovative foliar fertilizer that contains nitrogen in various forms – organic nitrogen and urea, and has added trace elements. The exclusive technology of Agriges – RyZea, guarantees the excellent efficiency of the product both in terms of its penetration into plant tissues and in terms of the accumulation of food reserves for the next growing season.

Scatto is a natural product that is extremely rich in organic matter, organic carbon and free amino acids. The special production process allows large amounts of short-chain peptides and free amino acids to be concentrated in Scatto, which support the development of forming tissue, prolong the life and photosynthetic activity of the leaves and counteract the aging of tissues and cells.


Syfast G 15 is a flowering stimulant that supports the development of the plant until the full formation of the fruit. Syfast G 15 stimulates and prolongs flowering, increasing the viability of pollen. This is due to the content of boron, zinc and molybdenum in soluble and easily digestible chelated form, achieved through the innovative RyZea technology.

Syfast G 15 attracts insects that pollinate. The product also has a strengthening effect and allows the plants to withstand the greater load from the weight of most formed fruits.

Syfast Idro 200 is a fertilizer designed to meet the nutritional needs of soil-free crops during the flowering and fruit formation phases.

The low conductivity, the optimal ion ratio of the microelements and the fast and easy absorption, guaranteed by the RyZea technology, allow the boron, zinc and molybdenum to reach the parts of the plant immediately where they are needed.