The Agriges Meso- and Micro-Nutrients series was created because of the need to prevent and / or correct immediate nutrient deficiencies. In order to quickly and effectively correct the deficits, it is necessary for the applied products to be quickly and easily assimilated through the roots or through the leaves of the plants.

The product range contains formulations with high translaminar capacity. The Meso- and micro-nutrients series of Agriges guarantees an immediate positive reaction from the plant and a rapid increase in the intensity of the main biological processes. As a final result, farmers can expect improved quality and quantity of final products.

Flow Shade is a product that reduces the damage caused by sunburn, reflecting harmful solar radiation and lowering the surface temperature of leaves and fruits, without interfering with photosynthetic activity.

Flow Shade improves the general condition of the plant by preventing the entry of pathogens, which most often “attack” it through the surfaces damaged by sunburn. This is a liquid formulation that dries quickly and does not clog the mouth.

I’M Calcio is an innovative product in the field of plant nutrition, for the production of which the exclusive EDDVEG technology is used. EDDVEG technology creates a highly concentrated formulation that is readily available for plant uptake.

I’M Calcio guarantees excellent wettability and a reduced risk of phytotoxicity. EDDVEG technology allows for double binding of calcium and other nutrients – with lignosulfonate (ALS) and with a natural complex of 100% plant origin, obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, which is low molecular weight.

Kelafer LQ Fe DTPA 6 is a soluble iron sequestrant in concentrated liquid form, ideal for the prevention and treatment of iron chlorosis. The active substance is in DTPA-chelated form, which ensures the gentle action of the product on the leaves and the absence of phytotoxicity. Iron chlorosis is manifested by yellowing of leaves and green veins (in the most serious cases, the leaves necrotize), which leads to reduced photosynthetic activity and slow growth of plants.

Kelafer LQ Fe DTPA 6 provides constant access of iron for the plant and protects it from physiological disorders, while improving its photosynthetic activity.