The Agriges Resistance Inductors series consists of a group of preparations that combine two important functions – supplying plants with nutrients and increasing their endogenous power to deal with adverse conditions.

Resistance Inductors are products with high phytoactivating properties that activate the plant’s self-defense mechanisms and help it use its natural endogenous barrier against major pests.

Akar Plus MZ is an innovative fertilizer containing manganese and zinc, which adheres perfectly and is evenly distributed on the treated surface. These two elements are extremely important because they are involved in many metabolic processes in the plant and in particular in the processes that are a reaction to stress.

In addition, the special polymers contained in Akar Plus MZ allow the plant to increase its endogenous capacity to cope with stressors (high temperatures or water).

Cynoyl Z Special is an extremely effective product with wide application, which combines plant extracts, seaweed extracts and sulfur.

Cynoyl Z Special contains amino acids with 100% plant origin, polysaccharides, natural phytohormones, sulfur and other bioactive components – an excellent combination that stimulates flowering and the formation of uniform buds and activates the natural mechanisms of plant resistance.

Gabriel BZ is a solution of fast-digesting microelements with very high efficiency, which is achieved thanks to the exclusive Tne technology of Agriges. Gabriel BZ simultaneously supplies the plant with vital nutrients in the key stages of its development and improves its ability to cope with stress.

Tne technology allows the product to overcome surface tension and be evenly distributed on surfaces, which significantly increases the efficiency and speed of nutrient absorption.

Properly selected vegetable oils make Nema 300 WW a preparation with intense reactive power, especially for plants stressed by root problems (eg nematode attacks).

Nema 300 WW promotes root regeneration and the plant quickly repairs damaged tissue. Nema 300 WW is a product of all-natural origin, rich in fatty acids, alkaloids, diterpene glycosides, phenols, sesquiterpenes and tannins, which allow the product to have an effective and long-lasting effect on the physiology of the plant.

Tantra MZ is a product that increases the endogenous capacity of the plant to cope with stress factors. Tantra MZ is a balanced complex of potassium and trace elements that affect basic growth processes, further enhanced with silicon.

Silicon is a key element as it is responsible for strengthening the epidermis of the leaves. The microelements contained in the product are in a special form, which is stable and at the same time easily accessible for assimilation by the plant.