Correct is a series of modern fertilizers that precisely correct nutritional deficiencies during intensive growth.

NB 7-17 is a concentrated liquid fertilizer with a high boron content, suitable for additional feeding of crops that need large amounts of boron. Boron is involved in all physiological processes in the plant.

NB 7-17 + 0.7Mo is a concentrated fertilizer based on boron-molybdenum. Boron (B) is needed by plants throughout the growing season. Boron is immobile in the plant. For this reason, it is important that this element is constantly fed to the plant in order for its development to proceed normally.

Mo 300 is an innovative and highly efficient liquid fertilizer containing the trace element molybdenum. Molybdenum is a particularly important trace element because it is involved in nitrogen fixation processes. Molybdenum has a positive effect on the growth of cereals and trench crops. To grow normally, legumes need more molybdenum than other crops.

Ca 235 is a concentrated liquid fertilizer that increases resistance to drought, pathogens and pests. Calcium is responsible for the strength of cells, participates in the composition of pectin substances that bind cell walls, is necessary for protein synthesis and cell division and stimulates the growth and development of plant roots.

Zn 165 + Mn is a liquid foliar fertilizer for additional nutrition in the early stages of plant development. This product stimulates the growth of the root system and improves the resistance of plants to adverse climatic conditions.

Mg 100 Pro is a liquid magnesium fertilizer for additional application, suitable for use during the entire growing season. Magnesium is a major component of chlorophyll and cannot be replaced by another element during photosynthesis. It activates the action of more than a hundred enzymes, increases the activity of phytohormones, participates in the processes of oxidation and decomposition, supports carbohydrate metabolism, accelerates ripening and increases the amount of dry matter in the seeds.

Fe 75 DTPA is a new generation liquid fertilizer that supplies iron (Fe), which is involved in a number of important plant processes. Iron (Fe) is involved in the formation of chloroplasts. It is extremely important for the development of roots and new parts of plants. Lack of iron can lead to lightening of the veins of the young leaves or to their yellowing.

Cu 200 is a concentrated liquid fertilizer that guarantees more intensive root development in the early stages of the vegetation, faster recovery after overwintering, formation of more and healthier lateral branches / shoots, better resistance to early spread of diseases.

N 39 + TE is a nitrogen fertilizer enriched with magnesium (Mg), iron (Fe) and molybdenum (Mo), for additional foliar feeding. One of the advantages of liquid fertilizers is the possibility to apply them not only in high doses, as part of the first fertilization, but also in lower doses in subsequent additional feedings.