Fe 75 DTPA

Type: Liquid fertilizer

Tube: 1 l

Tube: 5 l

IBC: 1000 l

Fe 75 DTPA is a new generation liquid fertilizer that supplies iron (Fe), which is involved in a number of important plant processes. Iron (Fe) is involved in the formation of chloroplasts. It is extremely important for the development of roots and new parts of plants. Lack of iron can lead to lightening of the veins of the young leaves or to their yellowing.

High pH, ​​poor root growth and low soil temperatures can greatly impair iron absorption.

Iron (Fe) is one of the most important trace elements – it directly affects the absorption of many other elements. With iron deficiency, plants fail to absorb other nutrients they need, even when their soil content is high. Iron is actively involved in metabolic processes in the plant, as well as in the composition of enzymes. It activates respiration, affects the processes of chlorophyll formation and the biosynthesis of auxins.

Conditions under which iron deficiency occurs:
• alkaline soils;
• soils containing high levels of copper, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc;
• potassium deficiency in the soil;
• soils prone to overwetting;
• high or low soil temperatures;
• a large amount of organic matter;
• high levels of manganese.

Symptoms of iron deficiency – plants stop growing, chlorosis appears on the youngest leaves, symptoms of phosphorus and manganese deficiency appear.

  • improves the efficiency of absorption of other nutrients;
  • improves the efficiency of potassium and phosphorus absorption;
  • stimulates chlorophyll synthesis;
  • stimulates photosynthesis;
  • protects the plant from stress in adverse conditions;
    treats chlorosis;
  • improves the efficiency of manganese absorption.

All crops that need a large amount of iron – 0.1-0.3% solution or irrigation with 0.15-0.20% (15-20 ml / 10 liters of water) *
* 0.1-0.3% solution (100-300 ml / 100 l of water)

Foliar application: to prevent iron deficiency, 1-2 times before the formation of pimples. If iron deficiency is visible, apply 2-3 times every 1-2 weeks, depending on the severity of the deficiency.

Application through irrigation water:
3-5 times every 10-15 days.


Iron (Fe)





1,32 gr/ml