Zn 165 + Mn

Type: Liquid fertilizer

Tube: 1 l

Tube: 5 l

IBC: 1000 l

Zn 165 + Mn is a liquid foliar fertilizer for additional nutrition in the early stages of plant development. This product stimulates the growth of the root system and improves the resistance of plants to adverse climatic conditions.

Zinc is part of many enzymes and is involved in various metabolic processes related to nutrition and energy. Zinc deficiency is often observed in corn, flax, cereals, fruit trees, vegetables and others. Zinc is very important at the beginning of the growing season, as it affects the formation of productive stems and their strength, as well as the formation of grains. Zinc is a major component of the enzymes involved in photosynthesis. It is often absent in soils with a pH lower than 6.5 or higher than 7, which makes it difficult for plants to absorb.

Manganese is part of many enzymes and is involved in the reactions of oxidation and decomposition of nutrients, as well as in the processes associated with photosynthesis and the metabolism of carbohydrates and nitrogen. It raises plant resistance to disease. Manganese supports the development of the root system and the formation of new branches, stimulates the production of sugars in the leaves and their movement to the roots, improves the absorption of iron from the soil and reduces the risk of chlorosis. Manganese is involved in the decomposition of nitrite nitrogen to ammonia in the plant and in some cases – in the oxidation of ammonium nitrogen to nitrates.

Very often the plant needs zinc and manganese at the same time. That is why Zn 165 + Mn is an excellent solution for foliar fertilization – convenient, practical and cheap.

  • eliminates zinc and manganese deficiencies;
  • prevents the reduction / thinning of branches and shoots;
  • improves the absorption of phosphorus under adverse conditions;
  • improves nitrogen absorption, especially in periods of excess;
  • increases the resistance to drought and frost;
  • increases the concentration of sugars in vegetable juices;
  • supports hibernation

Cereals – 30-50 ml/dca

Leaf application:
• in autumn: winter cereals
crops after the onset of twinning
• in the spring: all cereals
crops during twinning.

Corn, soybeans, sugar beets, red beans, tomatoes, potatoes, grapes, radishes, cucumbers, pumpkin, onions, celery, apples, pears, fruit bushes – 0.25-0.50% solution

Application at the beginning of the vegetation


Zinc (Zn)

Manganese (Mn)






1,39 gr/ml