Fertilizers with physiological effect, which changes the morphology of plants, the rate of pulp development, the biochemical composition of plants.

BIGO Roots is a special fertilizer that stimulates germination and growth at the beginning of the growing season. BIGO Roots is an excellent choice for treating seeds and tubers. IKAR Formula Power ***, which is contained in the fertilizer, helps for faster and more uniform germination / germination of plants. It stimulates the formation of lateral root branches and makes the root system stronger, more active and larger.

Bigo Leaves S is a liquid fertilizer with microelements, IKAR Formula Power **** and IKAR Formula Power **. The fertilizer contains all three main macro nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), which ensure balanced growth.
IKAR Formula Power ** affects the easy adaptation and recovery of plants from adverse conditions. IKAR Formula Power *** in the product helps to increase the mass of the aboveground parts of the plant, including its leaf mass, during the period of intensive growth. IKAR Formula Power **** is used by plants as the main source of energy, which they need for the normal course of growth and metabolic processes.
BIGO Leaves W helps plants develop a strong root system. Fertilizer boosts immunity and provides extra energy during the early stages of development.
Analyzes show that the combination of IKAR Formula Power * and IKAR Formula Power **** strongly influences the intensity of photosynthesis in plants. Products that contain such complexes are extremely useful in stressful situations, taking into account a significant improvement in phosphorus circulation.
Revolt contains IKAR Formula Power *** and IKAR Formula Power * of plant origin. Serves as an inhibitor that protects the plant from excessive elongation, shortens the internodes, stimulates the formation of branches, flowering and increases yields.
Its application at the end of the vegetation improves the quality of the yield. The active substances in the fertilizer stimulate root regeneration, increase stem volume, enhance photosynthesis, inhibit the growth of the terminal part of the plant and initiate flowering.
Infra is a fertilizer with a special composition of HQ generation, with a high content of L-amino acids, suitable for all crops. Supports the processes of growth and development in the event of adverse conditions. The fertilizer has an anti-stress effect and helps plants to recover faster after mechanical, chemical or biological damage.
Infra provides plants with extra energy and thus improves their metabolic processes and optimizes the efficiency of nutrient absorption. All this directly affects the productivity of the plant.
Infra Pro is a liquid organic fertilizer that contains glycine-betaine and L-amino acids of plant origin, extracted from algae by enzymatic hydrolysis. Amino acids are the main building block of the cell. The most important purpose of the use of amino acids is to “release” the plant from stress and stimulate its growth.
Glycine betaine increases the osmotic pressure in the cells and prevents water from leaking out of them. The control of the osmotic pressure allows the water and the microelements to be retained and assimilated evenly.
Infra SW is a liquid fertilizer suitable for foliar application or for feeding through irrigation water. High in extracts of algae and amino acids.
Algae extracts strengthen the plant’s immune system and provide it with extra energy for earlier and faster development. Salicylic acid in plants triggers systemically acquired resistance (SAR) and thus provides protection against various biotic and abiotic factors.