Our mission is to help you – the modern Bulgarian farmers, to develop your business in a sustainable way. That is why we offer not only a wide range of innovative products at reasonable prices, but also many additional services to guarantee you high yields with excellent quality.
Smart Agro Bulgaria offers the following services:
  • complete soil analyzes performed in an accredited laboratory;
  • water analyzes performed in an accredited laboratory;
  • leaf analyzes performed in an accredited laboratory;
  • preparation of professional recommendations for nutrition based on the results of the relevant analyzes.
These additional services are extremely important for achieving maximum yields at optimal costs.
In order to make an effective and workable dietary recommendation, it is based on several components. First of all, this is the preliminary soil analysis, which gives us information about the type of soil, its structure, acidity and its supply of digestible nutrients. It is important to know the nutritional requirements of the particular crop. This preliminary information allows us to prepare a comprehensive nutrition program that includes nutrients in the appropriate form and ratio, imported in the optimal amount at the right time.
In order for the nutrition recommendation to be fully effective, it is mandatory to perform a leaf analysis at the appropriate time for the given crop. It establishes the presence of deficiencies of individual nutrients and, if necessary, performs timely corrective fertilization.
This approach is guaranteed to save costs compared to using a “universal” dietary recommendation, as it does not pay for food units that the plant does not need or will not absorb.
For detailed information regarding our additional services contact the regional representative of Smart Agro Bulgaria.