Dear customers and partners,

We are pleased to inform you that since the beginning of April 2020 Smart Agro Bulgaria EOOD is the official distributor of Fertiberia S.A. for Bulgaria.
Fertiberia S.A is the second largest Spanish capital company in the chemical sector.

Fertiberia S.A is the largest producer of fertilizers in Spain and one of the largest producers in Europe and the world in general. The company produces a full range of simple and complex granular and liquid fertilizers, thus covering all the needs of farmers. The technologies of the products correspond to the way of irrigation, the climate and the soil conditions in which the crops develop.

Fertiberia S.A has an annual production capacity of six million tonnes of intermediate and final products, representing approximately 75% of the market share of the fertilizer sector in Spain. The five manufacturing plants, which directly employ around 1,100 workers and make up the company’s industrial structure, are located in Huelva, Palos de la Frontera, Puertolano, Sagunto and Aviles. The factories are equipped with the most modern production technologies, which produce a wide range of intermediate and final products.

Fertiberia S.A. has five logistics centers located in Pancorbo (Burgos), Punta del Verde, (Seville), Villar de los Comuneros (Valladolid), the new port of Bilbao and Cabanas de Ebro (Zaragoza). This logistics infrastructure allows to maintain a fast supply of raw materials and high productivity.

Fertiberia S.A operates two head offices and eight intermediate offices, ensuring the supply of raw materials and sales of finished products. The company has built a serious network of distributors and partners, covering the entire national territory, much of Europe and the world.

Since joining Triton in 2020, additional investments have been made in all areas of the company, which allows Fertiberia S.A. to be an economically sound, competitive and compliant company.

Expect up-to-date information about the products, upcoming seminars and services we offer soon.

Smart Agro Bulgaria LTD